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Security is one of the most vague topic for any individual or company that is related to some sort of Web Services. It may be either a company providing online services for its customer, or an individual that is hosting his/her private portal or a user that surfs internet and shares some of his private information in the net. Security is one of the major concern that every individual has to think about before going in the internet.

I will talk about Application Security or Network Security in some other articles. Here I am focusing on the individual user’s security. Most probably the user should be aware of some kind of Computer Frauds, Internet Blackmailing, Sexual Abuses and Identity Theft.

Here I am providing some tips for your and your family’s safety if you are going over the internet:

1. Never gice out your personal information unless it is for verified source (Such as your full name, phone number, address, email address, school name to people you meet on-line)

2. Be very careful about what you say and post (About yourself (or your friends) in chat rooms or other public places like social networking sites. Once it is out there, it is public and you cannot take it back)

3. Meeting someone you only met can be dangerous (Never agree to meet anyone in person, alone. Only do so with your parent’s permission, meet in a public place and bring one of them or a trusted adult with you.)

Remember, that online people often lie about who they are. Angel14 could be a Man aged 45.

4. Never respond to nasty, suggestive (sexual solicitations) or rude emails or postings.

5. Be a good online citizen and treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

6. Never give your internet password to anyone, not even to your best friend. Also, learn about creating complex password and password security.

7. Learn more about new types of threats to Internet Users (such as Scams, Phishing etc  ) and about problems with technological advances.

8. Never accept emails, Internet message( like on Yahoo messenger), or open files, pictures or texts from people you don’t know.


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