Payway Merchant Gateway API for Virtuemart

Recently, I have created the Payway Payment Module for Shopping Sites created with Joomla CMS and Virtuemart Component. Web Developers can implement this payment module to accept payments from Payway. This is a tutorial on how to implement the payway payment module in your site:

[Please note that, this is a virtuemart payment module and only work with Joomla and virtuemart based sites, I will create payment modules for other CMSs also. Please check  for the updates. ]

[Click on this link to view the demo and try to buy items]

To use this module, you need to setup your Joomla site and configure the virtuemart component. I consider that you have already setup the shop with Joomla and virtuemart. Then start the following steps:

1. Login to your payway account and upgrade your account to Business Account. Then you will see a new tab  Merchant Payment Gateway and click on it. Click on Add New Domain and add your e-commerce website to get the domain signature. Note that, the domain signature will only work on the e-commerce site you have entered.

2. You need following three files:


Download them to your computer first:

Download Zip File [Updated]

Since, Virtuemart does not support installation of payment modules (as joomla does), we need to manually copy the files as:

Copy ps_payway.php and ps_payway.cfg.php to the location:

[your joomla installation]/administrator/components/com_virtuemart/classes/payment

And copy payway_notify.php to the location:

[your joomla installation]/administrator/components/com_virtuemart

3. Now login to the Joomla Administrator site, goto Components->Virtuemart. Then click on Store and then Add Payment Method. You will see the following form:

Virtuemart Payment Module - Payway

Payway Module Setup

4. Now add the information as shown in the image above.

Active: Should Be Checked
Payment Method Name: Payway
Code: PWY
Payment Class Name: ps_payway
Payment Method Type: HTML-Form Based (e.g. Paypal)

Now click on Apply button to save the new payment module.

5. After the primary data has been saved, the payway payment module has been created. Next, click on the  configuration tab. And provide the following information:

Payway Payment Email: [Valid Merchant Email Address used in Payway]
Payway Domain Signature: Domain Signature of your E-commerce site, generated in payway.
Full logo image path: [Path of your site logo]
Form Payway: Click on the link  ‘Click for Payment Info’, A code snippet should be copied on the Payment Extra Info box.

That’s it. Now click on the save button to save the configuration data for Payway Payment Module. Please remember to activate Payway Payment Module or it won’t work.

Now go to the frontpage and test the virtuemart component by buying some items. Click on checkout and then you will see the payway in payment option page. Select Payway Payment Option and process further. On successful placement of order, you will be redirected to the Payway site, where payway users can pay from their account.

Please write me if any problem arises while installing this Module. Goodluck and Have a happy Payway.

[Note: This article is not completed yet. Please visit soon to see the updates!]

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11 Responses to “Payway Merchant Gateway API for Virtuemart”

  1. Baburam Sharma says:

    Glad to hear that someone has already created Joomla Virtuemart Module for PayWay. Can you provide us details with it? Tutorials khai? How to integrate? Kun version ho yo?
    Please reply soon dai.

    • admin says:

      Baburam Ji, I have written whole tutorial on how to integrate payway merchant API with virtuemart sites, along with the files necessary. Please read it carefully and write me if you have any problems installing it.

  2. Dhan says:

    There I saw only two files in zip not three?

  3. Dhan says:

    payway_notify.php is not available in the package, how do I get this.

  4. shree says:

    Thanks for providing the payment module o PayWay.

  5. Rajan Baral says:

    Hello, in your home of lalu, i dont find one file called notify, where is that file? please also add that file to your list. pls help i really need it ekdammai. if you give me your phone, i will call you. bye.

    • admin says:

      Rajan Ji, unfortunately there is an issue with notify script. I will short it out soon and update it. Please visit shortly. Thanks for your interest in Payway.

  6. satyendra says:

    hello ,

    please provide me the suggestion for implementing payway in virtumart2.0.6 . can we also implement these files in new version of virtumart and joomla 2.5

  7. satyendra says:

    hello lalu ji, can we also use this module files with joomla 2.0.5 or virtumart 2.0.6, how can we use these file with this configuration. please enplane …

  8. subash says:

    I was wondering if the payment gateway for Payway will be made compatible with the new Virtuemart 2.0.x ?

    Is this still an ongoing project, or will Payway be stuck on VM 1.1.x ?

  9. Krishna Bandari says:

    Dear Lal,
    Is there any chance you would rework your VM Payway gateway for VirtueMart 2.0?

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