Enable Nepali Unicode in Ubuntu

Nepali UnicodeEnabling Nepali Unicode Romanized Layout in Ubuntu is very easy. In-fact, there is no need to install any Unicode drivers as needed in Windows Computers. Nepali Unicode drivers already come bundled with Ubuntu. We just need to enable it in Ubuntu.

To enable Nepali Unicode, just follow the steps described below:

How to enable Nepali Unicode in Ubuntu – Unity

To enable Nepali Unicode in Ubuntu Unity Desktop Interface, simply click on Dash Home at the launcher and type System Settings and press Enter. Alternatively you can also select System Setting icon from the launcher at right side of the window.

System Settings in Ubuntu

System Settings in Ubuntu

The System Settings window will open as shown in figure above. From there, select Keyboard Layout option. Initially, you will see only English Language there.

Click on the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the window and select Nepali, then click Add button. After adding Nepali Language Keyboard Layout, you will see the Keyboard Layout icon automatically pop up in the top bar from where you can change between English and Nepali Keyboard Layouts.

Select Nepali in Keyboard Layout

Select Nepali in Keyboard Layout


How to enable Nepali Unicode in Ubuntu – Gnome

Enabling Nepali Unicode in Ubuntu Gnome interface is similar however there are slight differences when you go to System Settings -> Keyboard Layout window. There you will see three tabs. Now click on the Layouts Tab and add the Nepali Keyboard Layout by clicking on ‘+’ button at the bottom. The process is similar as described above.

Adding Keyboard Layout in GNome

Adding Keyboard Layout in GNome


Adding shortcut for Layout Switching between English and Nepali
You can also set the shortcut keys to change the layout from keyboard. To do this, in the Keyboard Layout window, click on Options button. Go to the Key(s) to Change Layout option and select appropriate key combination such as ‘Alt+Shift’.

Keyboard Layout Options

Keyboard Layout Options

That’s it. You are done. Now, you can easily type in Nepali Unicode in Ubuntu and switch between languages by using keyboard keys.


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  1. SaanSoft says:

    I have installed but it does not support the layouts on the Website which still shows the [] [] [] [] marks.

  2. Navin says:

    Nice tutorial on installing nepali unicode. for online purpose this Nepali Unicode online could be valuable.

  3. Nabin says:

    How to type “O-kar” like in “ho” or “ko”??

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