A Complete Web Directory of Nepal

Recently I have been searching for sites related to Nepal for several categories. I came to know a website (http://directory.mynepal.com.np) contains most of the listing categorized nicely. The online website directory contains listing of websites related to Nepal Government, Bank and Financial Institutions, Domestic and International Airlines operating in Nepal, Educational Institutions and many more.

While googling for the listings contained in the websites, I found that for most of the listings the site is listed in the first page of google. After this, I must say that the SEO ranking of the site is very good. I am curious about how the website has been developed and what tools are used to develop such a website, that lists contents in the first page of google. After a bit of excercise, I knew that the site is developed in Joomla with SOBI2 extension.


It was good to know that such sites are available in Nepal and I am also looking to develop one like My Nepal Directory.

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