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How to Install Apache, PHP, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin in Ubuntu 11.04

TweetIf you are a PHP based web developer, you need all the software running and configured properly. Here I am talking about installing them One by One in your Ubuntu Desktop. We are installing all the applications from terminal.

Captcha Slider using MooTools

TweetCaptcha Images are very much important in blocking responses generated automatically by the computers but there involves lots of pain to type the curly texts present in the Captcha Images and submit the form. This discomfort of manually typing text in the Captcha Images have driven people towards the alternative of the Captcha Images. Such […]

Create Web and Database Server in your computer with XAMPP

TweetThe first step for creating website with Joomla is to prepare your computer as a Web and Database server. Actually, we don’t work directly in the internet by uploading Joomla to a live site. First of all, we create the internet scenario in our local computer by installing server applications (Web Server, Database Server and […]

Internet Terminologies

TweetThis article describes the Terminologies related to Internet and Website Development. If you want to know about Website Development, or you want to make it your career, then you should read this article. Client/Server: A client is a computer (or user) on the network that requests services from another computer on the network. To be […]

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