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Enable Nepali Unicode in Ubuntu

TweetEnabling Nepali Unicode Romanized Layout in Ubuntu is very easy. In-fact, there is no need to install any Unicode drivers as needed in Windows Computers. Nepali Unicode drivers already come bundled with Ubuntu. We just need to enable it in Ubuntu. To enable Nepali Unicode, just follow the steps described below:

How to Install Apache, PHP, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin in Ubuntu 11.04

TweetIf you are a PHP based web developer, you need all the software running and configured properly. Here I am talking about installing them One by One in your Ubuntu Desktop. We are installing all the applications from terminal.

Change is good and Change came with Ubuntu

TweetA few days ago, Ubuntu team has released Ubuntu 11.04 code named Nattry Narwhal. This release of Ubuntu has featured a newer desktop shell environment named Unity which was previously used for Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition. The unity desktop environment looks a bit odd and painful at first to the users, however after spending a […]

Best Themes for Ubuntu

TweetWhen the windows 7 was released. I was amazed and attracted by its new look and ease of use. As I am an ubuntu user, I thought of the similar themes that Ubuntu also have. Though there are many themes to change the look and feel of Ubuntu, most of the themes generally require different […]

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