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Enable Nepali Unicode in Ubuntu

TweetEnabling Nepali Unicode Romanized Layout in Ubuntu is very easy. In-fact, there is no need to install any Unicode drivers as needed in Windows Computers. Nepali Unicode drivers already come bundled with Ubuntu. We just need to enable it in Ubuntu. To enable Nepali Unicode, just follow the steps described below:

Playing game in Youtube

TweetA few days ago, I unknowingly find a game placed in Youtube while waiting for the video to be loaded. I found this amazing and a very nice concept for sticking youtube users to the site. We can play Snake Game while waiting for the video to be loaded. To play the game, wait for […]

Print Edit Printing Addon for Firefox

TweetMany times we need to print the web pages of our interest. However, there may be unnecessary images and texts that we wish if can be deleted or removed before printing the web page. Now, I have found a Firefox add-on that helps to remove all the unnecessary text and images from the web page […]

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