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Stay safe online

TweetSecurity is one of the most vague topic for any individual or company that is related to some sort of Web Services. It may be either a company providing online services for its customer, or an individual that is hosting his/her private portal or a user that surfs internet and shares some of his private […]

Hacker vs Cracker

TweetHave you ever heard this statement? “Every cracker is a hacker but every hacker is not a cracker!!” Well, if you are a computer enthusiast, then probably yes. One of my friends asked me about this statement and I thought I have satisfied him with my answer. I think, this phrase defines the difference between […]

Redirect Registration Plugin for Joomla

TweetThis is a simple plugin, that is created to redirect the users of a Joomla site from default registration page to Jomsocial registration page. To be able to work perfectly, the plugin needs prior installation of Jomsocial in your Joomla site. This plugin only works with Joomla version 1.6/1.7 with Jomsocial installed. This plugin will […]

Enable Nepali Unicode in Ubuntu

TweetEnabling Nepali Unicode Romanized Layout in Ubuntu is very easy. In-fact, there is no need to install any Unicode drivers as needed in Windows Computers. Nepali Unicode drivers already come bundled with Ubuntu. We just need to enable it in Ubuntu. To enable Nepali Unicode, just follow the steps described below:

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