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Using Ajax in Joomla – Joomla Extensions Development

TweetBy default Joomla uses Mootools Javascript Framework. So, lets use Mootools library in Joomla to provide Ajax Functionality. In this tutorial, we will learn creating two different things that are useful in different places. 1. Getting data when changing values in Combobox. 2. Saving data when clicking on the button. Most of the developers use […]

Payway Merchant Gateway API for Virtuemart

TweetRecently, I have created the Payway Payment Module for Shopping Sites created with Joomla CMS and Virtuemart Component. Web Developers can implement this payment module to accept payments from Payway. This is a tutorial on how to implement the payway payment module in your site: [Please note that, this is a virtuemart payment module and […]

Online Shopping in Nepal

TweetTill today, there are only a few online shops in Nepal like,, etc. However, some of the sites are only for customers outside Nepal who can buy things with Credit cards, and some are only limited to online Catalog that just display items to the customer (for buying items on that sites, […]

Joomla Template Tutorial – Part 1

TweetCreating templates in Joomla is pretty easy. If you are a good designer and have sound knowledge of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML and CSS, then you will find Joomla Templates like child’s play. In other CMS, you have to create several different templates for differed page layouts. But in Joomla, only a single file can be […]

Nepal’s best online payment gateway

TweetRecently, PayWay Nepal has established the Online Payment Gateway for Nepal as PayWay is established and registered officially as Pay Way Nepal (P) Ltd. Payway offers an option to pay and get paid over the internet with a few easy clicks. Several online shops in Nepal can have an online payment option for their […]

Best Themes for Ubuntu

TweetWhen the windows 7 was released. I was amazed and attracted by its new look and ease of use. As I am an ubuntu user, I thought of the similar themes that Ubuntu also have. Though there are many themes to change the look and feel of Ubuntu, most of the themes generally require different […]

Create Web and Database Server in your computer with XAMPP

TweetThe first step for creating website with Joomla is to prepare your computer as a Web and Database server. Actually, we don’t work directly in the internet by uploading Joomla to a live site. First of all, we create the internet scenario in our local computer by installing server applications (Web Server, Database Server and […]

The very basics of Joomla

TweetI am teaching web technology this semester at NCIT. So, many of my students tell me to teach Joomla to them. So, here I am writing about the very basics of Joomla. I consider this as the entry point for learning Joomla. So, what is Joomla? Is it a place?? (There is a remote district […]

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