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Internet Terminologies

TweetThis article describes the Terminologies related to Internet and Website Development. If you want to know about Website Development, or you want to make it your career, then you should read this article. Client/Server: A client is a computer (or user) on the network that requests services from another computer on the network. To be […]

What is Joomla?

TweetJoomla is an Open Source web software application, that you can use to make your own dynamic website. Basically, for developing a website, you need to learn various aspects of website development, some server side scripting languages and concept of database. However, if you don’t know any scripting languages and don’t have idea about creating […]

Welcome to

TweetHello and Welcome to my website First of all, let me introduce myself to the world. I am Lal Bahadur Saud, a Computer Engineer from Kathmandu, Nepal. I work as a full time employee in a government office, however, I do have part time jobs as a College Teacher at NCIT and Web Developer […]

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