A new online shopping destination in Nepal – Sabaiko Mart

Sabaiko Mart Logo

Recently a new online shopping store in Nepal has been launched by Sabaiko Mart P. Ltd. The site is named Sabaiko Mart (www.sabaikomart.com). In its start the site has electronics products listed on it. You can buy Laptops, Mobile Phones, Headphones, Mobile Chargers, Books, Gaming Software, Shoes for Men etc. at the moment from the website. The store design looks great and the products listing is better than other shopping websites available in Nepal.

Stay safe online

Security is one of the most vague topic for any individual or company that is related to some sort of Web Services. It may be either a company providing online services for its customer, or an individual that is hosting his/her private portal or a user that surfs internet and shares some of his private information in the net. Security is one of the major concern that every individual has to think about before going in the internet.

I will talk about Application Security or Network Security in some other articles. Here I am focusing on the individual user’s security. Most probably the user should be aware of some kind of Computer Frauds, Internet Blackmailing, Sexual Abuses and Identity Theft.

Hacker vs Cracker

Have you ever heard this statement?

“Every cracker is a hacker but every hacker is not a cracker!!”

Well, if you are a computer enthusiast, then probably yes. One of my friends asked me about this statement and I thought I have satisfied him with my answer. I think, this phrase defines the difference between hacker and a cracker and is useful to share here.

Today, most of the writers and people define the term Hacker and Cracker synonymously. However, we are separating both the terms over here. So, let’s first define what a hacker is?

Redirect Registration Plugin for Joomla

Redirect Registration for Joomla

Redirect Registration for Joomla

This is a simple plugin, that is created to redirect the users of a Joomla site from default registration page to Jomsocial registration page. To be able to work perfectly, the plugin needs prior installation of Jomsocial in your Joomla site. This plugin only works with Joomla version 1.6/1.7 with Jomsocial installed. This plugin will be helpful if you want to register users only from a single registration page using Jomsocial. Otherwise, there will be two different registration pages in your Joomla site.

Enable Nepali Unicode in Ubuntu

Nepali UnicodeEnabling Nepali Unicode Romanized Layout in Ubuntu is very easy. In-fact, there is no need to install any Unicode drivers as needed in Windows Computers. Nepali Unicode drivers already come bundled with Ubuntu. We just need to enable it in Ubuntu.

To enable Nepali Unicode, just follow the steps described below:

Hide content or modules from frontpage in Joomla

Often we come to conditions where we do not want to display modules or content in the front page. One example of this is, we do not display breadcrumb (pathway) in the front page of a Joomla website. So, lets see how we can achieve this:

Please note that the simplest way to hide modules from front page is to click on the required module from Joomla administration and under menu assignment, you can select all other menu items except home menu. This will display the module on all pages except front page. However, this method does not work for some of our specific requirements. Also, to hide content from front page, you need to follow the method described below.

XSS Validation in Joomla Components

Before reading this article, you must have knowledge about Joomla extensions development. If you don’t know how to develop joomla extensions, then I suggest to read Developing Component in Joomla first.

If you have created a user input form in your Joomla component, such as Comment Form or Picture Upload Form, then you must be aware that processing the user input without properly validating it may make the application vulnerable to XSS attacks. Most of the extensions that doesnot properly validate their inputs against XSS vulnerability are prone to attacks from attackers.

A Complete Web Directory of Nepal

Recently I have been searching for sites related to Nepal for several categories. I came to know a website (http://directory.mynepal.com.np) contains most of the listing categorized nicely. The online website directory contains listing of websites related to Nepal Government, Bank and Financial Institutions, Domestic and International Airlines operating in Nepal, Educational Institutions and many more.

Nepali Calendar Module for Joomla 1.6

Nepali Calendar for Joomla

Nepali Calendar Module for Joomla 1.6

Nepali Calendar Module is a Bikram Sambat based Calendar for Joomla 1.6.x. This module is the upgraded version of Nepali Calendar for Joomla 1.5.x, which I have developed a year before (Nepali Calendar for Joomla 1.5.x can be found here »).

I have upgraded this module to support Joomla 1.6.x with slight modification and limited support for Nepali Language.

How to Install Apache, PHP, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin in Ubuntu 11.04

If you are a PHP based web developer, you need all the software running and configured properly. Here I am talking about installing them One by One in your Ubuntu Desktop. We are installing all the applications from terminal.

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